Did You Hear About 93 Auto Burglaries in Gated Communities in Overland Park, Kansas?

Did You Hear About 93 Auto Burglaries in Gated Communities in Overland Park, Kansas?

OVERLAND PARK Police are requesting the public's assistance after a rash of auto break-ins in southern Southern Overland Park occurred over the past weekend.

Many occupants awakened to find their autos broken into and personal belongings were stolen.
93 autos were broken into according to the Overland Park Police near the 139th Street and Metcalf area.

The break-ins occurred Between Thursday, September 29th and Friday, September 30th, and seemed to be contained at two different apartment complexes and a senior living community.

"Gracious my golly," Robert VanLandingham said. "I hadn't heard that many."

VanLandingham vehicle which was parked at the Tallgrass Spring Senior community parking lot was one of the vehicles broken into. He said this sort of crime is surprising for the area.

"I've been there for a long time and never experienced this sort of difficulty," VanLandingham said.
"This is really surprising," Official John Silky said.

Although a few vehicles were locked it really didn't matter because the thieves broke into them also.
"Each vehicle had harm to it," Silky said.

Criminals went vehicle to vehicle slamming in windows to get entrance, as per Elegant.

"We had a great deal of vehicles that were harmed, yet not a high burglary, which isn't ordinary here in overland park," Frilly said. "Normally, we'll see things are taken from the vehicle however it appeared like they were searching for something explicitly, not genuine sure."

It didn't matter to the thieves if the areas had gates or security because the thieves found a path around such deterrents. 

“If you see someone in the parking lot walking around don’t hesitate, to call 911. Especially if they’re pulling on locks and handles thing of that sort,” Lacy said.

Overland Park Police Department does not have any suspects. If you have any information that might help solve the auto break-ins, please call the Overland Park Police Department at (913) 895-6300.

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