The Real Estate Market Is Changing! The Time to Buy is Coming

The Real Estate Market Is Changing! The Time to Buy is Coming

 In the past 6 months, it was hard to not hear some of the fishing stories about the real estate market.

"I got 20 offers in 2 days"
"My home sold for 100k over list price"
"The buyer accepted the home as-is"
"The buyer waived the appraisal"

The good storytellers would even say that they got 20 offers in two days. We accepted the buyer who waived the inspections, waived the appraisal, and offered us $100,000 over the list price.  

If you have attempted to purchase a home during the pandemic, you probably know what I mean, right? Unlike 5 or 10 years ago, oftentimes these stories were all true. The real estate market was cutthroat and the savagery drove up home values.

Number of Offers on Listings has Decreased

Now the good news is if you put your home-buying plans on hiatus. The real estate market is changing. Sure it is still a seller's market due to the lack of homes for sale, but you will escape the bidding wars and rejections that you had seen in the last couple of years. You will still be competing with a few buyers if you decide to write an offer, but it will be nothing like 20 or 30 buyers on a property. 

If you are serious about buying a home, let's connect. The sweet spot to buying a home is coming up.

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