Overland Park, KS Fall Mattress Recycling

Overland Park, KS Fall Mattress Recycling

The City of Overland Park has contracted with a company to remove unwanted mattresses and box springs throughout Overland Park, KS this fall for homes west of Antioch.

Mattresses and box springs collected will be cleaned, sanitized, and recycled for families in need.

The service will be picking up mattresses and box springs on the following dates:
September 16th for homes 99th Street and North (and west of Antioch)
September 23th for homes between 99th Street to 119th Street (and west of Antioch)
October 14th for homes between 119th Street to 135th Steet (and west of Antioch)
October 28th for homes South of 135th Street.

If you want a mattress and/or box spring removed for recycling, please register.

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