Top 5 Best Sunflower Fields Around Kansas City in September

Top 5 Best Sunflower Fields Around Kansas City to Visit in September

If you are in Kansas and on social media it is probably hard to not see the post popping up with fields of sunflowers. It is that time of the year when the sunflowers are in full bloom. 

If you are thinking of partaking in the September ritual of many Kansans, there are a few things you might want to know. 

1) The fields of sunflowers are in full bloom through most of September in Kansas. 

2) If you are going to adventure out and take pics of the fields of sunflowers, it is best to head out between 9-11:00 AM. Also, nice sunny days are the best days to visit.

3) If you head to a grower's field, please read and understand their rules.

4) Many growers have other attractions in their fields. Make sure to check out the other attractions' availability. 

5) Many growers charge or recommend a donation for picking the sunflowers. The seeds and efforts of growing the fields are expensive.

6) Last point, the fields of sunflowers are expensive to grow and maintain. A donation is suggested to enjoy the pleasure of the fields of sunflowers.

Now here are the 5 Best Sunflower Fields to visit in September around Kansas City:

1) Grinter Farms, East of Lawrence - 24154 Stillwell Road, Lawrence, KS
2) Johnson Farms Plants & Pumpkins - 17701 Holmes Rd, Belton, MO
3) Gieringer's Family Orchard and Berry Farm - 39345 W 183rd St., Edgerton, KS
4) Atkins-Johnson Farm - 4109 NE Pleasant Vally Rd. Gladstone, MO
5) Lewis Farms - 18100 Edgerton Rd, Edgerton, KS

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